Lithuania & Belarus

3-4 Days 1-60 People Outdoor The Lithuanian Yeshiva World Follow the growth of the Yeshiva movement which revolutionized Torah study and Jewish education till this very day. Meet the giants who led and taught within its walls. Learn all about

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3-4 Days 1-60 People Outdoor The​ Cradle of Chassidus See where it all began. The powerful light of the Baal Shem Tov and his students emanated from the small towns that dotted the Ukrainian landscape. Follow the movement as it

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Europe – Poland

3-4 Days 1-60 People Outdoor 800 Years of Jewish Life In Poland ​Exploring Jewish communal life from the Golden Age of Polish Jewry till the Holocaust, the Chassidic movement, Yeshivas, lives of great Rabbis and Jewish leaders and the tragic

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