Lithuania & Belarus

The Lithuanian Yeshiva World

Follow the growth of the Yeshiva movement which revolutionized Torah study and Jewish education till this very day. Meet the giants who led and taught within its walls. Learn all about the Mussar Movement which captured the Litvishe Yeshiva world before the War. The modern Yeshiva movement begins in Volozhin, and would ultimately revolutionize Torah education in the modern era. Trace the roots of the early Yeshivas in the small towns and larger cities. Standing in the buildings where Torah was studied and taught, where visionaries of the Mussar movement electrified their students with their ethical teachings, experience the aristocracy of the Lithuanian Yeshiva world which shapes Jewish identiy down to the present time.

  • Volozhin Yeshiva
  • Kever of the Chafetz Chaim,
  • Jewish Quarter of Vilna
  • Ninth Fort in Kovna


Lithuania- Vilna, Kovna-Slabodka, Kelm, Ponovezh, Telz & more. Belarus- Volozhin, Radin, Grodna, Mir, Novardok, Baranovitch, Slonim, Kletzk, Brisk, Minsk, Pinsk & more

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