Poland & Ukraine

Galicia: Center of Jewish Life And Chassidus

From the most ancient of Jewish communities in Poland, down to the legendary and household names which are enshrined in the collective memory of the Jewish People, Galicia is a can’t miss visit to a glorious past. The immortal names of Polish Jewry's Golden Age become alive, as the journey continues down through the arrival of the great Chassidic courts of Belz, Tzanz and others. From beautiful shuls to ancient communities, the Galicia tour is to experience of the richness of Jewish culture and heritage.

  • The Noam Elimelech of Lizhensk
  • Bnei Yissaschar in Dinov
  • Lancut shul
  • Belzec Death Camp
  • The Minchas Elozor of Munkatch


Poland- Krakow, Tzanz, Bobov, Riminov, Dinov, Lancut, Lizhensk, Tarnov, Izhbitz, Reisha, Zamosc, Belzec & more Ukraine- Belz, Lvov, Stry, Sadagora, Boyan, Vizhnitz & more

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