Poland (Chasidus)

The World of Polish Chasidus

​Pre War Poland was the epicenter of Jewish religious and spiritual life. Come and experience the pulsing energy of the large Polish Chassidic dynasties whose legacies shape the Jewish world till today. The fire of Kotzk and warmth of Radomsk, will warm the cold Polish winters. The roads of Poland were once filled with chassidim travelling to the great tzadikim along the countryside. Absorb the environment of the vibrant courts of Pshischa, the songs of Modzhitz and the urban centers of Warsaw and Lodz.

  • The Gerrer Bais Medrash
  • Warsaw Jewish Cemetery
  • Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin
  • Majdanek concentration and death camp


Poland- Warsaw, Ger, Vorka, Kozhnitz, Pshischa, Kotzk, Kazimierez-Dolny, Lublin, Ostrovtza, Sochatchov, Amshinov, Lodz, Chelmno & more

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