Bnei Brak & Tel Aviv

2-3 Hours 1-50 People Outdoor Building Religous Life In The New Israel New settlements in modern times. The challenge of bringing religious life to the new Israel. Come and explore the sights and smell of a vibrant present structured on

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​Tzfas & Tverya

6-8 Hours 1-50 People Outdoor Settling An Ancient Land of Mysticism The views are fantastic, the whole aura is mysterious and the story is almost magical. Tucked away up north in the mountains and on the shores of the Kinneret,

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Kivrei Tzadikim in Yerushalayim

2-3 Hours 1-50 People Outdoor Serenity, Holiness & Salvation The amount of famous personages, great Rabbis, holy Tzadikim and noble lives, who rest in Yerushalayim’s cemeteries, is unmatched anywhere. Come and be inspired by their lives and actions, daven at

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Rechavia & Shaarei Chessed

2-3 Hours 1-50 People Outdoor Old & New In The Heart of The City Hear and see the story of the ancient neighborhoods of Shaarei Chessed, Batei Munkatch & Batei Broide, once the center of religious life in Yerushalayim. Experience

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Machane Yehuda Shuk

2-3 Hours 1-50 People Outdoor Rebuilding Yerushalayim A housing crisis in 1860 drove the building of neighborhoods beyond the secure walls of the Old City. We trace the development of the new city of Jerusalem at each stage, gaining a

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The Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum tour

2-3 Hours 1-50 People Indoor Confronting A Tragic Past Chapters of our tragic past are both a part of who we are and a source of inspiration in overcoming challenges as well. The Yad Vashem History Museum provides an opportunity

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