Public Speaking

Public Speaking

The story of of our past enhances our understanding of the present, enabling us to build a better future. Yehuda is available for public speaking engagements on a wide array of historical topics sharing the rich story and heritage of the Jewish People. Engaging and interactive lectures are regularly delivered to a diverse spectrum of audiences, including schools, shuls, students, adults and other frameworks. Topics cover the gamut of modern Jewish History - movements of renewal such as the Enlightenment or the Chassidic movement, Yeshivas and Jewish education, confronting modernity, communal life, religious life, immigration, the Holocaust, the Jewish community in the United States, Zionism & the State of Israel & many, many more.

Scholar in Residence

Expand horizons with an exploration into the personalities, events, and places that form our identity and destiny. Looking for a great way to enhance a weekend at the local shul, a vacation getaway or other communal framework? That opportunity is here with the Jewish History experience with Yehuda Geberer as Scholar in Residence.

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