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Great efforts are expended to ensure that top quality content continues to be produced for Jewish History Soundbites. The consistency and the quality are kept at a high standard to satisfy the great community of Jewish History Soundbites listeners. If you would like to participate in the work of Jewish HistorySoundbites, you can get involved by sponsoring an episode on the podcast. Sponsorships can be an advertisement for a business, in memory of a loved one, in honor of a special occasion or any other dedication that your heart desires. Some sponsorships can influence the topic and content of the episode as well, so that your preferred historical legacy or a topic that is close to your heart can be part of the sponsorship as well. Your dedication will open up the episode and can be promoted on the social media platforms of Jewish History Soundbites as well. To become a sponsor for Jewish History Soundbites please click on the sponsor button below.

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Over 150 Episodes

An average of 3,000 listens per episode

2-3 new episodes each week

Over 2,000 followers on social media

“It was very meaningful for our family to have heard the story of our illustrious forebears and to have the opportunity to dedicate the episode in honor of our grandmother, may she live and be well, a scion of this great rabbinical family.”
"Sponsoring an episode of Jewish History Soundbites was a great platform for me to advertise my business. Within a few days, I received several calls from both listeners of the podcast as well as those who had seen the sponsorship on social media. Thank you!”
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